Intelligent Toilet
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Intelligent Toilet   E-Z125
Product Description:


WASH rear wash CONVENIENCE soft close
feminine wash automatic open lid
water filter man use button
self-cleaning nozzles remote control
anti-bacteria seat auto flush
deodorizer seat heating(37 degree),seat auto-open
water tempreture  (32,34,36,38 degree) battery charging
POWER SAVING electricity saving COMFORT constant heating water
water saving(2.5L,5L) warm wind for dryer
SAFETY self-cleaning nozzles massage wash
electricity leakage protection nozzle moves backward&forward
SPECIFICATION current 10A nozzle position adjustable
dryer 270W nozzle from weak to strong adjustable
heater of water 1.6KW NO WATER TANK TOILET
"S"trap or  "P"trap S

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